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SAMA's primary goals are to promote aviation professionalism and camaraderie at the collegiate level at the University of North Dakota John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences

SAMA prides itself on being one of the most active student organizations on the University of North Dakota campus. Its members work year-round to organize an annual SAMA Conference and Career Fair. This massive event is among the largest student organized events held on the University of North Dakota’s campus, and acquaints the students of the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences with prominent individuals and companies from across the nation. In addition to this event, SAMA also takes an annual fall trip to an aviation city and hosts the SAMA Open golf tournament.


Any student at the University of North Dakota is welcome to join. Member dues are must be paid to the membership director. First year members will receive a SAMA polo shirt upon joining. To join please fill out a membership form along with dues to our next meeting.


Annual Dues:

$35 - New members

$30 - Returning members 

SAMA officers 2021-2022


Robert Wilson


Robert Wilson is a senior at UND studying Aviation Management. Robert currently works as a Flight Data Analyst at UND. His aviation interests include safety, flight data, and flying. He has proudly been involved with SAMA for three years, serving as the Social Media Director and President. His Grandfather, John Pieper, flew for Northwest Airlines for 40 years and retired at seniority number 1. Robert has excelled at developing and maintaining beneficial and productive relationships with all SAMA members. Outside of aviation, he enjoys biking, hockey, and spending time with family. 


Bryant Galeana

Vice President

Bryant Galeana, from Covina, California, is a senior pursuing a degree in Aviation Management and Commerical Management. This is Bryant's third year at SAMA and first year as an officer. Bryant's passion began in his early years in California living underneath the flight approach path for LAX, and proximity to one of the busiest VFR training areas in California and is eager to continue his path into aviation with SAMA.

Brock Gracyalny


Brock Gracyalny is a junior with a Major in Commercial Aviation along with specializations in Aviation Safety and Business Aviation. This is Brock's third year with SAMA and his first in a leadership position with the organization. Part of Brock's duties as the Secretary involves working hard to communicate with officers and relay that same information to the SAMA members on a regular basis, among a wide spectrum of tasks where it may be deemed fit to keep SAMA running smoothly and efficiently. From Pulaski, Wisconsin, Brock enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, getting outdoors, and fishing whenever able. 

Pleurat Rama


Pleurat Rama is a junior at UND, majoring in Commercial Aviation and UAS Operations. He serves as the Treasurer for the club. This is his third year as a SAMA member. He is from Long Island, New York. Currently, he is enrolled in the Flight Instructor course and is eager to get the opportunity to share his love for aviation with his future students.


Evan Steensma

Conference Director 

Evan Steensma is a senior at the University of North Dakota majoring in Commercial Aviation. He represents SAMA as the Conference Director; this is his fourth year being involved. From Weems Virginia, Evan came to the University with a passion for aviation and plans to work for a commercial airline within the next few years.


Camryn Noess

Career Fair Director

Camryn Noess is from Shakopee Minnesota. She is currently pursuing a degree in Commercial Aviation at the University of North Dakota with a minor in Leadership. In Camryn’s four years at North Dakota, she has been a part of the SAMA organization each semester. This year, Camryn is volunteering her time as the SAMA Career Fair Director where she is partnering directly with various leading aerospace companies, organizations, and government bodies from across the U.S. to be able to provide prospective students at her University with top tier talent. Orchestrating this year's SAMA Career Fair is one of the largest events on campus, and she is dedicating many hours to building connections and ensuring that the students, staff, and employees at UND get the best experience possible. In her free time on campus, Camryn enjoys watching hockey games at the Ralph and getting together with friends to compete in the university's intramural hockey league. Camryn looks forward to working on her lifelong dream of becoming an airline pilot.


Gregg Gardner

Hospitality Director

Gregg Gardner is a Junior at the University of North Dakota majoring in Commerical Aviation. This is Gregg's third year involved in SAMA, and the first year as an officer, serving as the Hospitality Director. Gregg's interest in aviation started while observing his father's career around the globe as an Air Force mechanic, working on the Boeing E-3 Sentry and C-130 Hercules. Gregg moved to Montello, Wisconsin in 2008 from Germany where he stayed until coming to Grand Forks to further his education. During his free time, he enjoys traveling, hiking, and spending time with his friends and family. 

Edward Clancey

Travel Director

Edward Clancey is a junior picking up a Major in Aviation Management along with a minor in Leadership. As Travel Director for SAMA, Edward connected with leaders at Endeavor Airlines in Minneapolis, and American Airlines in Dallas to coordinate visits to both companies expanding SAMA networking while representing UND Aerospace. From Kailua, Hawaii Edward loves to spend his time in the ocean, off roading, and jamming music with his friends. Edward is pursuing a career becoming a fighter pilot for the Hawaii Air National Guard.


Bryce Tarpey

Membership Director

Bryce Tarpey is our current membership director and has been a part of SAMA since his freshmen year. Bryce is a senior student and flight instructor at UND who plans to graduate in May 2022 with a degree in Commercial Aviation. In his free time, Bryce enjoys cooking, flying, adventure, and quality time with friends. 


Thomas Hamlin


Thomas Hamlin is a senior at UND, he is in charge of Fundraising for the Student Aviation Management Association. This is his fourth year in SAMA. Outside of the organization, he is employed by the school as a Certified Flight Instructor. Upon reaching R-ATP minimums, he plans on heading to a regional airline to continue his professional flying career! 

Will Ortiz

Social Media

Wilfredo Ortiz is a senior at the University of North Dakota. He is pursuing a degree in Commercial Aviation. Originally from Enfield Connecticut, Wil enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, and running. As a 3 year member of SAMA, he currently serves as the Social Media Director, connecting members and providing updates about the organization through various social media channels.


Daniel Malott

Faculty Advisor