SAMA's primary goals are to promote aviation professionalism and camaraderie at the collegiate level at the University of North Dakota John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences

SAMA prides itself on being one of the most active student organizations on the University of North Dakota campus. Its members work year-round to organize an annual SAMA Conference and Career Fair. This massive event is among the largest student organized events held on the University of North Dakota’s campus, and acquaints the students of the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences with prominent individuals and companies from across the nation. In addition to this event, SAMA also takes an annual fall trip to an aviation city and hosts the SAMA Open golf tournament.


Any student at the University of North Dakota is welcome to join. Member dues are must be paid to the membership director. First year members will receive a SAMA polo shirt upon joining. To join please fill out a membership form along with dues to our next meeting.


Annual Dues:

$35 - New members

$30 - Returning members 

SAMA officers 2019-2020


Keith Zorn


Keith Zorn is a Junior at UND working on his Commercial Aviation degree. Keith has been in SAMA for three years, serving as the Travel Director last year and now the President. Last year he planned a trip to Delta Air Lines in NYC touring both LGA and JFK bases. He hopes to grow SAMA and share his passion for aviation with others!


Jens Houck

Vice President

Jens is a junior at UND studying Commercial Aviation with a minor in Atmospheric Sciences. He proudly represents SAMA as it’s Vice President. He has been involved with SAMA for 3 years since his freshman year. Jens first started in aviation when his father introduced him to Microsoft Simulator, and then took him to Airshows around California, his home state. He became involved with Civil Air Patrol at age 13 and started his flight training in gliders at age 15. He soloed at 16 in a Cessna 172 with Civil Air Patrol before he began his Private Pilot training back home in Petaluma, California. He came to UND as a Private Pilot and has since become a Certified Flight Instructor this last semester. He plans to begin instructing students in January 2020.


Colin O'Brien


Colin O'Brien is a Junior at the University of North Dakota who is pursuing a degree in Commercial Aviation and specializing in safety. Colin has really enjoyed being a SAMA member since freshman year. Colin's favorite SAMA activities are the career fair and the trips because of the networking opportunities available. Colin is currently pursuing his multi-engine rating. One day Colin would like to fly for a legacy airline. Outside the classroom Colin works for Simulator Maintenance and is an avid Wisconsin sports fan. 


Jack Klemp


Bio coming soon....


Matthew Cahn

Co-Conference Director 

Matthew is a senior in the Commercial Aviation program. He decided to pursue his Private Pilot’s License after he got a discovery flight for his 14th birthday present. After soloing on his 16th birthday and taking his Checkride shortly after turning 17, he decided to pursue aviation as a career and enrolled at UND. He currently works as a CFI for the University, and will be joining the airlines next summer.

Luke McKenzie

Co-Conference Director 

Luke is a junior majoring in Aviation Management. Originally, from Rochester, Minnesota Luke is finishing his multi-engine training. Outside of class Luke is the President of Alpha-Eta-Rho Delta chapter and is a manager for UND apartments. This summer Luke plans to pursue a flight operations internship at an airline.


André de Carvalho

Co-Career Fair Director

André de Carvalho volunteers as a SAMA Career Fair Co-diretor. André partners directly with various aerospace companies, organizations and government bodies in order orchestrate this year’s SAMA Career Fair. Having spent over two years as an event manager for various entities, André knows truly how to communicate, manage and execute professional events. From Petaluma, California, André greatly enjoys activities such as spending time outdoors and watching and/or playing soccer. 
André is currently pursuing a degree in Commercial Aviation. In his third year of college, André looks forward to a lengthy career as a professional pilot


Stephen Smith

Co-Career Fair Director

Stephen Smith is a senior in the Commercial Aviation program. Originally from Maryland, he has been a part of SAMA for three years and is excited to be working to organize the career fair this year. Stephen is currently working as a CFI and is hoping to move to an airline next winter.


Evan Steensma

Membership Director

Evan Steensma is a sophomore at the University of North Dakota majoring in Commercial Aviation. He represents SAMA as the Membership Director; this is his second year being involved. From Weems Virginia, Evan came to the University with a passion for aviation and plans to work for a commercial airline within the next few years.


Natalie Odier

Fundraising Director

Natalie Odier is a Sophomore from Avon, Indiana. She is majoring in Air Traffic Management and minoring in Atmospheric Sciences. Her ultimate goal is to be employed by the FAA and work as an Air Traffic Controller. Because of her passion for Atmospheric Sciences, Natalie is the vice president of the meteorology club at UND. She is also a Teaching Assistant for some Air Traffic Control classes and works at the University Children's Learning Center. Outside of work, classes, and clubs, Natalie enjoys watching hockey games, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. 


Bryant Galeana

Hospitality Director

Bryant Galeana, from Covina, California, is a senior pursuing a degree in Aviation Management and Commerical Management. This is Bryant's third year at SAMA and first year as an officer. Bryant's passion began in his early years in California living underneath the flight approach path for LAX, and proximity to one of the busiest VFR training areas in California and is eager to continue his path into aviation with SAMA.


Evan Beisner

Co-Social Media/Technology Director

Evan is a senior at UND pursuing a major in Air Traffic Control with a specialization in aviation business. He’s been a member of SAMA for two years and looks forward to promoting and growing the organization and it’s many events. 


Paul Wesp

Co-Social Media/Technology Director

Paul Wesp is a senior from Raleigh, North Carolina majoring in Commercial Aviation. Ever since he was a child he enjoyed flying on airliners and knew that one day he'd become an airline pilot. Paul recently earned his CFI certificate and started instructing at the University. He plans on using his passion for photography to help promote SAMA this year.

Collin Kociela

Travel Director

Collin Kociela is a Junior at the University of North Dakota’s Aerospace Program. He is originally from the Los Angeles area in Southern California.  Right now, he serves as the SAMA Travel Director and has organized the annual trip to an aviation related city in Atlanta, GA. He is currently majoring in Commercial Aviation and Specializing in Safety. Collin earned his Private Pilot Certification at a small airport in California and ever since has loved every step of his training, as he just completed his Commercial Pilot, Instrument rating, and Multi-Engine add on certificates. He hopes to work in aircraft sales or work for a major airline in the future after the Spring of 2021.