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SAMA's primary goals are to promote aviation professionalism and camaraderie at the collegiate level at the University of North Dakota John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences

SAMA prides itself on being one of the most active student organizations on the University of North Dakota campus. Its members work year-round to organize the annual SAMA Conference and Career Fair. This massive event is among the largest student-organized events held on the University of North Dakota’s campus, and acquaints the students of the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences with prominent companies and individuals from across the nation. In addition to this event, SAMA also takes two annual aviation-based trips.


Any student at the University of North Dakota is welcome to join. Member dues are must be paid to the membership director. First year members will receive a SAMA polo shirt upon joining. To join please fill out a membership form along with dues to our next meeting.


Annual Dues: $35 - New members $30 - Returning members 

SAMA Officers 2023-2024

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Josh Salmi


Josh is a junior studying Aviation Management and Commercial Aviation and is currently working on his commercial ratings. Growing up on Air Force Bases around the world, he moved 11 times throughout his childhood before deciding to attend the University of North Dakota. Josh values diversity, dedication and creativity and looks forward to helping SAMA grow and develop leaders within the Aerospace Industry. In his free time, you can find him frisbee golfing, fishing or watching hockey. Josh plans to become an aircraft salesman and demo pilot post-graduation. 


Carson Calhoun

Vice President

Carson is a junior Commercial Aviation major and will serve SAMA as the Vice President. Outside of school, Carson enjoys spending time at the wellness center, going to sporting events, and being outdoors. Post-graduation, Carson hopes to move into an aircraft sales position while flying in the Air National Guard.


Brandon Bussey


Brandon is a Sophomore this year studying Commercial Aviation and will serve SAMA as the Secretary. Brandon is from just south of Denver, where he has lived his whole life until coming to UND. Brandon has been flying since his Sophomore year of high school, and enjoys taking his family and friends flying with him when he is home. In his free time, Brandon likes to spend time with his friends. Brandon one day hopes to fly for a major airline after reaching his R-ATP minimums.


Nathan Audas


Nathan is beginning his third year at UND studying Commercial Aviation, and is excited to be working towards his CFI and Seaplane certificates. After finishing his degree, Nathan hopes to gain experience as a flight instructor before flying for an airline. He joins SAMA for the 2023-24 year as Treasurer, ready to help grow the organization.


Stavros Agos

Career Fair Director

Stavros is a Senior this year Studying Commercial Aviation as well as Marketing and will serve SAMA as the Career Fair Director. Stavros started flying in 2017 out of his home airport in Chicago. When he is not flying, he enjoys spending time outdoors hammocking or trap shooting with the UND Trap Shooting club. Stavros aspires to instruct at UND and then one day fly for a major airline. 


Ethan Mathews

Conference Director

Ethan is a sophomore from Monument, CO majoring in Commercial Aviation with specializations in Business Aviation and Aviation Safety and minoring in Political Science.He is excited to serve SAMA as the Conference Director. Ethan earned his private pilot license while still a senior in high school and his love for aviation is what brought him to UND. His hobbies include playing saxophone, getting better at photography, hiking, biking, and flying. In the future, Ethan looks forward to flying as a career airline pilot.


David Manzke

Travel Directo

David is a sophomore from Chicago, IL studying Commercial Aviation and Aviation Management. He is currently working on his commercial certificate and will serve as the SAMA Travel Director. Outside of flying, David works as a Career Mentor for UND Career Services, plays viola for the Greater Grand Forks Symphony Orchestra, and enjoys cycling. David aspires to be an airline pilot for a major airline while based at home in Chicago.  


Danny Hong

Membership Director 

Danny is a Senior studying Commercial Aviation and will serve SAMA as the Membership Director. During his free time, Danny likes to rollerblade and play tennis. Danny is excited to help SAMA grow this year through recruitment efforts and his career goals include flying for an airline.


Jacob Bain

Fundraising Director

Jacob is a sophomore from Warroad, Minnesota and will serve as the Fundraiser Director. He is currently majoring in commercial aviation and working towards his instrument rating. A fun fact about Jacob is that he started flying on his 16th birthday and got his private pilot license in Canada before transferring it over to the FAA equivalent. In his free time, when he is not busy studying, flying or working at the airport he enjoys watching hockey and basketball. He is looking forward to meeting new people and excited to launch fundraising efforts. His career goals include flying for a major cargo carrier or airline.

IMG_0841 (1).JPG

Daniel Malott

Faculty Advisor


Matthew Higgins

Hospitality Director

Matthew is a senior this year studying Commercial Aviation as well as Aviation Safety and Operations and will serve SAMA as the Hospitality Director. Matthew started his flight training in high school and has enjoyed flying outside of UND as well as during his time here at the university. In his free time, Matthew enjoys spending time with friends, traveling around the world, and scuba diving. Matthew one day hopes to fly for a major airline after flight instructing at the University of North Dakota or working for a smaller part 135 operator.


Paige Johnson

Social Media Director

Paige is a sophomore studying Commercial Aviation returning for her second year with SAMA. She will serve as the Social Media Director. In her free time, she likes to hangout with friends and attend UND sporting events. Paige looks forward to achieving her goal of becoming a commercial pilot!

SAMA 2023/24 Officers

"48 years and Climbing..."

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